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                                                        COMPANY PROFILE














    Founded in 1972 the emz firm builds:

    Generating sets and Motor Welding sets for the industry, the services sector 

    and the agriculture. The production program includes a vast range of models:

    Generating sets divided in :

    -from 1 to 20 KVA with petrol engine, 3000 RPM


    -from 3 to 40 KVA with diesel engine, 3000 RPM air/water cooled


    -from 5 to 1000 KVA with diesel engine, 1500 RPM air/water cooled



      Motor welding sets:

     -from 150A to 500A with incorpored generator and diesel or petrol engine.




      For ever emz works with zeal by developping analysis and research of   

      its customers requirements and expectation up to their total satisfaction.

      Our range and different gensets range is able to satisfy both standard inquires

      and requirements that involve a detailled planning. Ouc concern is therefore

      able, by means of up to date technical choises as hight quality of employed

      components and higly skilled workmanship, to made generating sets for all

      needs , also the most heavy ones, characterised by their upper relyability 

      degree. All our products are manufactured and certified according to EEC 







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